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Miron violet glass jars and bottles are state of the art, premier containers offering an attractive and amazing alternative to steel, clear glass, or plastic containers.  Violet containers preserve and vitalize your finest foods, herbs, cooking oils, seeds, nuts, super foods, filtered water, and more due to research and development through the decades by scientists in Europe.
The biophotonic violet glass acts as a filter.  In ambient light alone, the jars and bottles preserve and also enhance the contents through electromagnetic wavelengths of UV(a) and FAR infrared (IR) which penetrate through the glass, and it completely blocks the damaging rays from reaching your ingredients.  This unique combination offers optimal protection against the ageing processes that are released by visible light, thus lengthening durability and potency of your products.

Test results demonstrate herbs stored in violet glass jars has increased aroma compared to clear or amber glass. Ancient Egyptians utilized violet glass for long-term storage of natural substances, and the benefits of bio-violet glass were not discovered again until the 1800's, when Jacob Lorber an Austrian naturalist, noted its preserving and enhancing effects on olive oil.

Comparable packaging materials limit this requirement as they are not sufficiently able to protect sensitive products from the quality lessening influences of light.     

Vita Salva Glass Works offers Miron violet biophotonic glassware as state of the art storage containers for holding and nurturing your expensive organic foods and products.   

It is our hope that homes around the world will discover the preserving and enhancing power, as well as, the aesthetic beauty of the violet biophotonic glass.  
Miron Glass reuse  will contribute greatly to a cleaner Earth!
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